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An overview of spinning tackle we use!

On December 7, 2016, Posted by , In Sportfishing, By , With No Comments

Here is a an overview of spinning tackle we use on the Our new YouTube channel is now active. So we’ll be posting videos from time to time. Some of them will be action shots while others will be more educational. I hope you find them useful and somewhat…

Let’s go catch tuna! They’re biting!

On December 4, 2016, Posted by , In Sportfishing,Tuna,Weather, By , With No Comments

Dec. 4, 2016 –  I wanted my clients today to catch  tuna. They told me they wanted to bring home some fish. And I knew our best bet was to catch tuna since there had been so many blackfins and skipjacks around. We had washing machine conditions. This happens when…

Half day trips are a great Thanksgiving Day tradition!

On November 25, 2016, Posted by , In Mahi mahi,Sportfishing, By , , With No Comments

Nov 24, 2016 – So you know the relatives aren’t going to show up until later. The games don’t start until after noon. You have an entire half day to do anything you want. Sure you could sleep in. Or you could take this opportunity to fish a half day!…

Sailfish and Kingfish

On November 21, 2016, Posted by , In Kingfish,Sailfish,Sportfishing, By ,, , With 1 Comment

Nov. 20, 2016 – After spending several hours in the New River meeting some nice people and handing out cards I couldn’t take the radio chatter any longer. Sailfish & kingfish were going off! So I ran out of Port Everglades and set up to start trolling for bullet bonito….