First offshore fishing trip for boy!

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First offshore fishing trip for boy!

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First offshore fishing trip for 8-year old Peyton! He was joined by his father Chris, grandfather Allan, Patrick and Zack. Conditions were a bit rough as we faced 4ft seas, quartering on the bow. But then again we’re in a Carolina boat. So the ride was very soft. Peyton didn’t seem too concerned.

Stopped a couple miles short of my intended target when I saw some decent weed lines in 450 feet of water. Within a few minutes we hooked up to a colorful mahi mahi. It’s always good to break the ice early! ¬†Unfortunately, however nobody else was home after a couple passes up and down the line. In fact, the bite was very slow. In that way I was glad we caught that first fish right away. Very few boats on the radio were reporting anything whatsoever.

Big game sportfishing ¬†has often been described as hours of boredom, punctuated by chaotic behavior. And just as I overheard little Peyton start to complain about being bored the right rigger popped and we were hooked up. We tried to give the rod to Peyton but he didn’t want any of it. But when the first blackfin tuna hit the deck moments later I think he changed his mind. The next bite made things more interesting when we hooked a double header!


This time Peyton stepped up to the plate and took one of the rods! I use some very light conventional tackle on these small blackfins. They include Avet SXJ reels loaded with 20lb braid mounted on Seeker rods. Small children can handle this equipment perfectly and my experienced anglers love this outfit as well.

Our final tally for the day was 12 blackfin tuna and 2 mahi mahi. Zack also caught his first tuna. By the time we got to the dock Peyton was 100% hooked on offshore fishing. He did awesome on his first offshore fishing trip.


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