Summer fishing is heating up. Get some!

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Summer fishing is heating up. Get some!

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Summer fishing is heating up as much as the weather. Had split charter on a full day trip today. Scott and his son Jack from Maryland were joined by Scott from New York.

Left the dock at 7 a.m. I decided to make a stop for some blackfin tuna to get our day started.  Our first tuna jumped on within a couple minutes. And a shark was about as fast to jump on the tuna. Sometimes you just gotta pay the tax man. And he collected right away. The tuna weren’t biting as well as I had hoped. But we did put 4 on ice.

The tax man cometh

Decided to switch things up and went looking for mahi mahi. Out of nowhere a small mahi jumped on a lure.  There was literally nothing around us except some small scattered weed. For some reason we’re not seeing a lot of the weed lines we should have by this time of the year.

I instructed the guys to keep an eye out for the usual tell tale signs, most notably birds. Any birds wheeling and diving are good. War birds hovering are just as good. After an hour of scouting we finally found a set that were on a good school of dolphin. We immediately hooked a double that brought the pack with them. These fish were on the chew. And we proceeded to catch 13 including two small “gaffers.”

As fast as they turned on, like a light switch they were gone. Went scouting some more and managed another blackfin that ate a trolled ballyhoo and a small bull dolphin that jumped on a lure.

One highlight was the white marlin we saw free jumping! Made a couple passes and got a bite (that I missed) of  on a small naked ballyhoo. The fish ate it as I was putting the rigger pin up. I never saw the bite. So I cannot confirm nor deny if it was him.

Nice day. 14 mahi and 5 blackfin tuna. Summer fishing is heating up. Come getcha some. 954-629-0211.

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