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Florida Keys Family Fun Fishing!

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Had the Walti clan down for some Florida Keys family fun fishing. They had a good time doing some inshore fishing with another guide on the previous day, but wanted to sample some offshore fishing as well. I say it over and over again, but Islamorada is the Sportfishing Capital of the World for good reason. There are more ways to fish for more species here than anywhere else in the world. And the Waltis would find this out today.

When you take kids fishing, it’s often not always about the size or quality of the fish you catch, but of the quantity and consistency. So reef fishing was on the menu today!

The yellowtail snapper have been starting to bite really well recently. And when you get these fish going it can be a really fun day.

After a demonstration on the proper technique for “chum balling” the boys took to it really well. One of the boys in particular exhibited an amazing instinct. By the end of the trip this kid proved to me that he had the making of a really great angler. And I told him so. I don’t know who was prouder. He or his dad.

This young angler has the makings of a real pro!

This kid did a fine job on some really nice “flag” yellowtail snapper. We also managed a kingfish and a bonito to add to the mix.

I really like to see kids fishing. With all the video games that kids seem addicted to it’s really refreshing to see kids getting out on the water. After all in twenty years they’re never going to remember their highest score in Super Mario. But I’d bet a week’s pay they will absolutely remember that time they caught a nice bunch of fish with mom and dad in Islamorada.

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