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Get your family fishing trip in now!

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Put down the video games and get your family fishing! The past several half day trips have been producing some great yellowtail action with a few surprises for good measure.

Nice horse eye jack for this youngster

These are great family fishing trips especially for kids because they’re always doing something. So often I am asked about offshore fishing for mahi, tuna and perhaps a billfish by people with children in the group. The key to keeping kids engaged (or at least getting them into fishing in the first place) is action. In discussing which trips to select for groups with kids aboard I point out that it’s not often the size of the fish that is as important as the experience and action. And while it’s great to get into a hot tuna or mahi bite, it might take a while before the action heats up.

Grab bag

When fishing for yellowtail there’s usually something to engage the kids right away. First baitfish such as blue runners and ballyhoo show up in the slick, right behind the boat. Then a remora or filefish may join the party. And while these are not necessarily our target species, we’ve created an aquarium right behind the boat. And the kids love it!

Lately the yellowtail have been coming up in the slick too. They do this when they’re spawning and ravenous. They appear as a big gold cloud in the water, usually behind the bait and other “trash” fish in the slick.

A properly presented chum ball usually draws a quick bite when they’re chummed up. But sometimes they do get skittish and have to be coaxed into biting. This is when adding small chunks of bonito sparingly to the slick helps to turn them on.

Bucket of delicious snapper and grouper

We also catch some live ballyhoo when they first show up. We fish them on the bottom and freelined on a big spinning rod. We’ve caught nice muttons, groupers, tuna, kingfish, barracuda and jacks doing this. The best part of reef fishing is you never know what you’re going to catch because we employ several different techniques at the same time.


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