Kicking off Memorial Day weekend!

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Kicking off Memorial Day weekend!

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We’re kicking off Memorial Day weekend here in Islamorada on a high note. The wind that had been blowing the previous couple days finally subsided and was hardly a breath of air when I got to the boat this morning at 6:30. We were fishing a couple of guys from Ft. Lauderdale whom I’ve known for over 30 years. It’s always great to have old friends aboard.

Started out the day on a spot I affectionately refer to as the grocery store. Within a couple minutes the blackfin tuna descended upon our spread and we were on. We quickly caught 13 spunky blackfin on the Avet SXJ and 20lb braid. These tuna are a blast on these light rods.

With the tuna buried in ice we switched up the spread and headed further offshore where we found a lot of scattered weed & some good lines trying to form. Unfortunately however there was little bait. After an hour or so of working the weeds we pulled in the spread and ran to the west.

We didn’t have to run long however as we found a warbird working. It didn’t take long. And we had a small mahi mahi zip across the surface to molest a ballyhoo. This little guy was too small to injest the bait and was clearly trying to bite off more than he could chew. A few minutes later the warbird put us on a doubleheader of nice mahi mahi.

Not long thereafter we pulled the spread in and ran inshore. On the way in Tony spotted some birds wheeling and diving. A mahi came up and inhaled a ballyhoo. We would add another mahi a few minutes later.

Yum. Chumball

We stopped on a yellowtail spot and had some fun catching several of those and a bonito. Even had a big jack creavalle eat a chum ball and dump a 4000 Shimano. It was a fun day while it lasted.

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