Mahi Mahi Season Is Here!

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Mahi Mahi Season Is Here!

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Mahi Mahi are perhaps the most popular gamefish that swim in our waters. They’re colorful, relatively plentiful when the migration is on, strike a variety of baits and/or lures, fight hard, are acrobatic and provide excellent table fare. And the mahi mahi fishing has really picked up here in the past week.  I suspect they’ve actually been here a while. But the weather hasn’t permitted us to get to the deeper offshore areas. The wind finally gave us a window this week. And Todd from Atlanta, GA capitalized today.

We found some nice scattered weed in 550 feet and stopped on it to see if anyone was home. The baits were in the water for maybe 10 minutes and we hooked a triple header! A small “gaffer” bull and two slightly smaller cows were our first guests aboard Finest Kind.

We added another about 20 minutes later. But I wasn’t seeing enough of a reason to stay in this area and decided to haul in the spread and press on.

Got out to an area in 630 feet that looked really good with larger patches of weed as well as scattered lines. Redeployed the spread and hooked a blackfin tuna. After depositing that fish in the ice we set the lines again and had a steady pick on small keepers.

These fish were very aggressive and ate everything we dragged. Odly enough we never did get any schools of fish up behind the boat. Most of our bites however were several fish at the same time in the spread.

Ended up putting 8 mahi mahi and one blackfin tuna on ice before calling it quits. Todd decided to take advantage of the shipping offered by the Islamorada Fish Co. to send his fillets back to Atlanta. Of course he saved the tuna and a couple fillets for dinner tonight at the Lorelei. Excellent way to cap off the day.

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