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Mahi Mahi & Snook In The Same Day!

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Dec 23, 2016 – Where else can you catch mahi mahi and snook in the same day? There are only a handful of places in the world. And Ft. Lauderdale is one of them. Had Patrick on the boat today for a day of fishing. Conditions were sloppy at best. A hard east, northeast wind stacked up the waves to 5-7′ in Port Everglades on a hard outgoing tide. But once offshore it was a palatable 3-5 foot seas and seemed to diminish to 2-4 later on in the day.

The wahoo bite we had earlier in the week had slowed to a trickle of only one or two fish. Sailfish have virtually been nonexistent all week. So with that in mind I had a half dozen goggle eyes and a dozen pilchards in the well for this trip.

We started slow trolling in 200 feet and zig zagged out to 350 and back in to 190. Lots of very small flying fish were out in about 200 feet. So I stuck around in that depth for a while and zipped out.

Water color was beautiful and we had a steady south current. But for whatever the reason, it was just shut off. The radio was silent except for the occassional complaint about how slow it is.

Made a move to the south and got covered up by small mahi mahi in 150 just outside of the sea buoy. These guys were little and greedily destroyed the pilchards. Ended up catching 6, released 2 and kept 4 for the dinner table. Never did get a bite on any of the goggle eyes.

On the way in, decided to make a pass by a spot I know to see if we could add a snook. Sure enough we got the obligatory “thump” that gets every snook fisherman’s blood pumping. And we were fortunate to add an upper slot snook to the mix.

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  1. eric brandon says:

    Have not had the chance to fish on Capt Norms boat yet. But I will! Just want to add hes a great source
    of information reporting on the Nautical Ventures Weekly Fisherman show Saturdays 6-8 on 940 WINZ.
    Kepp up the great work Norm!.

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