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Match the hatch for mahi mahi & tuna

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The key to success today was to  match the hatch for mahi mahi and blackfin tuna. The blackfin tuna fishing continues to be excellent on football and medium sized fish. A few bigger models of these up to 20lbs are hitting the dock as well. The mahi fishing is also better than it was last week with a few more schools being seen along with a smattering of better sized fish. I hope that trend continues.

We hooked a double of blackfins as soon as we put the baits out. The current was really cranking hard too and had to run 1200 rpms just to maintain trolling speed.

I didn’t see as much bait as I had seen a few days ago. But with all the scattered weed I knew these fish were still blowing up on small baits. In only one hour of fishing we managed 7 blackfin tuna and a nice mahi. These fish were greedy when it came to the small feathers we were pulling. As it out one of those tunas coughed up some bait that proved just how well we were matching the hatch.

Unfortunately however we had to call it quits early when one of our customers became very ill. Better safe than sorry. But they still had a nice bunch of fish and a good time.

As a side note, I am often asked what is the best way to avoid becoming seas sick.  To begin with I wholeheartedly do not believe Dramamine works. Scopolamine works a little better, but be sure to follow the instructions. If you wait until you get on the boat to put it on it won’t work. In my experience the best remedy is to take a ginger pill an hour before you get to the boat. Have some ginger ale and a sleeve of saltines crackers. At the first sign of discomfort sip the ginger ale and eat a couple of crackers. You can also buy ginger candy to suck on. Stuff works.

I have some availability coming up and it’s Memorial Day coming up.

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