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Tackle and Tactics

Fishing off Islamorada is good year round. And Capt. Norm has an arsenal of constantly maintained high quality tackle. So you can be assured that when that reel screams the line, rod and reel are in top condition. Our main arsenal consists of Fin-Nor and Diawa conventional as well as spinning reels. And we’ll custom tailor each trip to the you the angler, meaning if we have kids on board, we’ll often employ gear that they can use. We want you to fight the fish, not the tackle.

Capt. Norm employs a variety of live bait methods including kite fishing, slow trolling and drifting in the fall and winter. He is completely obsessed with sailfish and wants you to catch one (or more) on each trip.  As spring approaches we begin to cover more water as the big mahi mahi begin their migration. So we’ll start trolling more. However, we’ll still keep live bait aboard, especially for those big finicky fish that won’t eat anything unless it’s swimming. Summertime fishing means alot more trolling, but we’ll also add in daytime swordfish trips! The exciting part of this type of fishing is that when you come tight you won’t know whether or not the fish is a “pup” or a 500 pounder until it’s about half way up and really begins to fight! And on those windy days where it may be too rough offshore we can target a variety of inshore species including tarpon, snook, jacks, barracuda and more.