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Sometimes You Just Run That Dog

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Sometimes ya just gotta run that dog. Had a nice group of guys out today. Original plan was to fish offshore for mahi mahi. But Mother Nature had other ideas. The 20+ mph wind that greeted us this morning made me rethink our plan. So we opted to go run that dog for some tarpon. Remember folks. Islamorada is the fishing capital of the world because there are more options and opportunities to catch fish than anywhere else. And the key to taking advantage of it is to be flexible.

The tarpon fishing has been hit or miss because we still don’t have the consistent weather patterns here yet. The water temperatures really need to be a consistent 76 degrees or better. But it was good enough today.

After getting a dozen and a half mullet we set up on a channel on the oceanside to catch the last couple hours of an outgoing tide. The anchor had barely come tight and literally hundreds of tarpon were rolling! These fish were “high and happy” banging around and even trying to “chain” a few times.

After deploying the mullet we had a group of big maurauding jack creavalles beat one bait. Then a smaller tarpon exploded all over the other mullet without committing.

Finally we had a fish of about 100lbs explode all over a mullet and engulf it. The 6/o Mustad circle hook found its mark and the fish jumped all over the place! This one was a rock star and a very smart fish. We got about 5 good jumps and several runs out of it. It was a really great show. This one was also very crafty and knew how to stay away from the boat. But it was no match for the Lunkerdog.

We were finally able to get the leader for the official release. We have some video coming. So stay tuned. Book your trip now. It’s only going to get better.

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