South Carolina Guys On Blackfin and Mahi

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South Carolina Guys On Blackfin and Mahi

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While Jack and Don from South Carolina  battled blackfin tuna and mahi on this trip they made it a point to inform me they only wanted enough fish for dinner. As a charter boat operator it always looks good to come back to the dock with a load of fish. After all it helps to book the next trip. And while I will never disparage anyone for wanting a nice load of meat to take home, you can’t help but respect those like Jack and Don who don’t want to over-harvest. It’s a very respectable way to partake in the resource and sport which we all enjoy.

The mahi fishing has been hit or miss as of late. However the blackfin tuna bite has been on fire. These fish are blowing up on scattered weeds, feeding on small bait. And they’re also congregating on hard structure that holds bait.  And think small when selecting lures or bait. There are loads of very small (1-3 inches) flying fish around these fish are keying in on.

We went bendo on our first stop in only a matter of minutes. I love it when that happens.   Jack caught the first fish. Don was up next on the second bite when a chunky blackfin tuna chased down the feather.

With 2 blackfin tuna in the boat and keeping their orders for only enough fish for dinner in mind I decided to make one more pass on the spot. Sure enough we hooked and landed a double header!  So now we definitely had enough fish for dinner. But as I was pulling in the rest of the spread another blackfin jumped on. So we added that one.

At this point I wanted to find these guys a big mahi mahi. So I switched it up a bit. We got two bites from the mahi and added one small gaffer to the box. Mission accomplished for these guys from South Carolina!

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