Wanna play football…Islamorada-Style?

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Wanna play football…Islamorada-Style?

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Islamorada-style football is a bit different than  it is in most places. When you mention football here we’re usually referring to school-sized blackfin tuna. And that’s precisely what the Shipman family, from upstate New York found today.

The wind was forecast to finally let up by 8:00 am. But as I always say,  politicians and weathermen are the only people who can make a living out of lying to you. As we passed Aligator Reef lighthouse the seas began stacking up. The wind was still blowing a stiff 15-20 mph out of the south. Seas off the deep end of the reef were 4-6 feet. This was decidedly NOT the forecasted 2-3 foot seas.

As we passed the 230′ depth we began seeing birds diving on scattered weed.  A few minutes later I had the trolling spread set and it didn’t take long for one of the right rigger to go off. A bonito would be our first guest of honor. Minutes later a blackfin tuna took one of the feathers.  These Lit blackfins were ravenous. They ate everything. Feathers, rigged ballyhoo…didn’t seem to matter.

They were a lot of fun on the Avet SXJ reels. These are the smallest model Avet offers. And they’re perfect for these school-sized tuna.

The unrelenting weather however was beginning to take its toll on a couple members of the crew. And after we boxed our seventh tuna they decided we needed to head for calmer waters.

Instead of ending the trip early however I offered them an opportunity to fish inshore. And they bit on that idea without hesitation.

With the crew fully recovered we made a couple moves and finally hit paydirt with a 200+ pound shark that the men teamed up to catch after a 30 minute battle on 20lb line.

Book you trip trip by calling 954-629-0211 or go to www.finestkind.fish. You can also follow our adventures on Facebook at https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=414971682177026&tsid=0.8453853434315662&source=typeahead

We added another small shark just before we had to end the trip. This family really enjoyed our version of Islamorada-Style football and sent me a pic of the final product. 



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  1. Wendy Shipman says:

    Thanks to Captain Norm our family has memories of a lifetime. This was a full day’s event and worth every penny. From start to finish Captain Norm took care of our every need and we look forward to our next trip with him. Thanks for everything!

    The Shipman family

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